Salvatori Customs Brokerage

Do you need customs brokerage?

As of 1st January 2021, traders will be required to complete both import and export entry declarations when transiting goods between the UK and Europe. Salvatori can offer you customs clearance solutions on all cargo that we transit within our own control on our own services. With Salvatori in full control, we can ensure minimal delays as the cargo moves across the border, to or from Europe.

Salvatori Customs Clerance Solution
In order for us to identify a solution, we must therefore implement the correct resource and skill set in place to ensure we are ready in advance of the 1st January 2021. We require some basic information from you to enable us to offer a competitive, tailor-made solution.

If you require Salvatori to become your Customs Broker, simply complete and submit the form below, we request that this information is submitted by 25th October latest, this will give us time to contact you to discuss the best options available.

You can find out more if you’re ready to trade after Brexit using our checklist here, we also have some useful documents here.

Customs Brokerage Form